At CONFIDANT® our goal is to help chronic disease patients manage their disease and live a better life. As a leader in mobile health (mHealth) applications, we provide a portable, easy-to-use, wireless enabled tool that provides feedback, coaching and context to their daily routine. At the same time we simplify and automate the communication between patients suffering from chronic diseases and healthcare providers. Our patented cell-phone support technology makes it easy for patients to collect and pass on vital data and get the feedback they need to help manage their disease, sustain good habits, and improve their daily lives.

We've made great strides helping those suffering from diabetes monitor and manage their blood glucose readings. We've also had success as a healthy lifestyle tool for people engaged in weight management treatment as well as with those who are afflicted with diabetes.

With a cell phone tool in their pocket, patients using CONFIDANT now have a continuous link to their caregiver, an easy, automated way to stay in control while they live an active life. With our wireless diabetes management solution, patients with Type 2 diabetes can now have greater control of this life-affecting disease. CONFIDANT's mobile diabetes management system has already been proven to be an effective solution in a number of trials. As a result of those trials, the company has incorporated new designs and enhancements to further improve its cell phone based devices and mobile diabetes management software. Find out More.

Press Releases
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