The CONFIDANT Diabetes Solution

As diabetes continues to escalate in the global population, treatment focuses more on the negative events and consequences than on improving management. CONFIDANT has created a diabetes management solution that is easy, safe, and private. Based on the premise that nearly everyone uses a cell phone today, we've built our application to take advantage of this mobile technology, essentially putting a personal health coach as close as the patient's belt, pocket, or handbag.

From a Patient's Perspective:

Our diabetes solution fits into the individual's mobile lifestyle. Once a day, patients open the CONFIDANT application on their mobile phone, and with a few clicks of a button they can:

  • Collect the readings from a glucometer, blood pressure cuff and/or weight scale
  • Answer simple questions about diet, exercise and medication routine
  • Upload this information to the server for storage and review
There, it will be compared to the treatment regimen that has been established and customized feedback will be sent directly back to the phone. This feedback helps patients understand their testing regimen and helps them stay in control with helpful messages and graphics.

The patient, patient's guardian if applicable, doctor, pharmacist, and/or caregiver will have secure access to the readings through the CONFIDANT diabetes management software and Web portal based on preset permissions.

From a Caregiver's Perspective:

CONFIDANT's diabetes management solution enhances the physician-patient relationship and hands patients the ability to self-regulate their chronic disease. Unfortunately, traditional hospital-based programs, a primary source for diabetes education, are overwhelmed by the need to deliver up-to-date information to an expanding diabetic population. Many patients are diagnosed by their general practitioner who is not equipped or staffed to support the ongoing education and daily management of diabetes.

CONFIDANT's wireless diabetes management system can be set to provide notifications to caregivers based on thresholds that are set on a per patient basis, allowing for management of patients on an exception basis.

From a Payer's Perspective:

Good diabetes management is good business. CONFIDANT's cell phone diabetes management system has proven effective in product trials producing improved outcomes including more frequent testing, better control, and lower HbA1cs. In addition to better short-term outcomes that translate to fewer emergency room visits, improving self-management and education has proven to reduce the long term complications and costs of care.

The CONFIDANT Obesity/Weight Management Solution

CONFIDANT has developed a cell phone-based tool for interactive maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and weight management. It supports the philosophy that by empowering people to take charge of their health, we can help them achieve their goals and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Users simply follow the instructions on their cell phones to:

  • Collect daily weight measurement from a home electronic scale and communicate it automatically to their cell phone
  • Answer an interactive series of questions on their cell phone about exercise, diet and time management
  • Upload, store, and view data on the Confidant secure server

In real time, the data uploaded from the cell phone is analyzed, triggering customized coaching and responses. Having been guided through the thought process about what has motivated this behavior, the messages offer guidance to keep the user on track. These messages are drawn from an extensive library and are selected based on individual input .

In addition, clinicians now have real-time and accurate data available to help manage the condition. Using Internet access, they can review this input and provide counseling by phone, text message, or e-mail.