How It Works

CONFIDANT: Informative, interactive, and easy to use!

Three simple steps automate chronic disease data collection, sharing and analysis, providing instant feedback and support.

Users open the CONFIDANT application on their everyday cell phone, wirelessly collecting measurements from their home medical device. At the touch of a button, the phone sends the data to the server.

There it is analyzed, monitored and stored. Users receive real-time, confidential, personalized feedback to help them understand their status.

From a library of messages CONFIDANT provides coaching and reminders to help the user stay on point and maintain positive behaviors.

The CONFIDANT solution helps chronic disease patients manage their condition. By designing it to be used on patients' everyday cell phones, it easily can become part of the daily routine, even for those who have an active, mobile lifestyle. All of the data is maintained in the phone to provide an electronic log with graphical displays to help users visualize their status. At the same time, the data is maintained in a secure server that is Web accessible by the patients, clinicians, caregivers or patients' guardians.